…and lots of health shops and incredible farm shops and delis. In fact anywhere you would expect to find good quality and delicious food. Here at nojó we are committed to bring you the most delicious, all-natural and gluten free food- to fuel your mind and body. Using only the best, carefully sourced ingredients, our focus is on providing real food with real nutrition- and great taste too. nojo is all about balance and the celebration of good food, there is no calorie counting here, rather a healthy approach to eating well – creating beautiful and delicious dishes effortlessly.


The distinctive nutty flavour and aroma of sesame brings a defining Asian taste to everyday cooking. Add to stir fries, salads, fish or a ripe avocado.

White Miso

Designed to liven up any dish. Grilled, pan-fried, oven baked or steamed, this sauce has a very rich sweet and savoury taste which will bring out the umami in your creations.


A traditional Teriyaki made with a luxury Togarashi spice mix twist. Perfect for adding a deliciously sweet yet piquant taste to noodles, stir-fries or BBQ.

Nojo gluten free

gluten free

Nojo no artificial colourings and flavourings

no artificial colourings and flavourings

Nojo 100% natural

100% natural

Nojo dairy free

dairy free

Nojo vegan